famous cases of social engineering

We will present the summary of this research which has shown that there is a lot of knowledge about social engineering and addition, plus they have helped to improve our techniques in the elaboration of a scientific article.First of all social engineering and manipulation to obtain confidential information. This practice can use some people, such as private, computer criminals, to obtain information, access or privileges. This can seriously damage the people who are attacked by their data and the confidential information is in the hands of these people. Practically open completely through electronic communications. Social engineering also encompasses the facts that revolutionize, alert or simply entertain people who often make use of the internet. There are many cases of social engineering around these "impressive facts" In this If the team spoke of this "type" of social engineering. Boarding from, rumors of famous dead, even as young people today for the ingenious to review the conversations of their sentimental couples. Each one of the cases develops correctly . Explaining how it is done, and why. To finish there is no more to say that social engineering is present every day in our lives, and it is impressive the number of people who are unaware of it. We hope to be able to show and above all teach it. Which this practice represents and how it manifests itself.

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